Forward, P.C. is a Professional Service Corporation created to achieve these fundamental goals:

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    Provide bilingual psychological and mental health services

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    Strengthen individuals and family functioning

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    Improve children’s academic achievement

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    Increase preventive behavior programs

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    Improve the mental health of the elderly

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    Assess and treat offensive behavior

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    Develop an integrative system of evaluation and prompt action

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    Respond effectively and efficiently to the identified needs of minors and adults

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    Encourage spiritual values to support reaching treatment goals


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    Families will become capable of raising well-balanced children and be a paradigm for other families.

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    Homes damaged by domestic violence, neglect, physical and sexual abuse will reestablish safety.

  • A couple in a counseling session

    Families and couples unable to relate to each other will find the grounds to develop stable and satisfactory relationships.

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    The elderly will find that their mental health is improved and their lives are enriched with renewed purpose.

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    Home and communities will become safer with the prevention and treatment of offensive and disturbed behavior.

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    Those served by Forward, P.C. will reach a level of psychological health that reaches their naturally endowed ability.

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Forward, P.C. was established in the early eighties. In 1986, the agency was incorporated as a Bilingual Professional Services Corporation in the States of Illinois and Florida. Its main purpose is to make psychological and mental health services accessible to state residents, particularly, those of Hispanic descent and help them leave behind their unhealthy way of living, learn from harmful experiences and move forward to reach a better way of functioning in their personal and professional life.

Forward, P.C. was founded by two psychologists: Dr. Carlos A. Plazas a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Sex Offender evaluator and treatment provider, and Dr. Blanca R. de la Torre, a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. They, and a group of counselors and therapists, have helped thousands of individuals, families and minors. The majority of the population served are from Hispanic origin and have been counseled to overcome their negative experiences of the past and learn how to live a healthier, more productive and satisfying life. Throughout its 33 years of operation, Forward, P.C. has provided services to thousands of children, adolescents, adults and families affected by periods of marked emotional, cognitive and behavioral dysfunction.

Dr. Plazas is the founder of St. Augustine College, the first bilingual institution of high education of the Midwest. The college has been in operation for 34 years and thousands of students, particularly those of Hispanic descent have availed themselves of this great institution that Dr. Plazas presided for 20 years. Dr. de la Torre served the college as Director of Research for 10 years. She has also served infants and minors with special needs as well as their parents, at the Chicago Broad of Education and Parent-Child Latino Center for over 20 years.